Narcissistic Abuse Recovery For Adults


If your PARENT is a narcissist...

Is every interaction with your narcissistic parent a struggle?  Do you feel emotionally devastated by the behavior of your narcissistic parent? Are you feeling tired of it, wanting to move on, but just not sure how? Narcissistic parenting is emotional abuse that has serious consequences for children. The impacts stay with you throughout adulthood until you undergo recovery. You may be experiencing low self-esteem, feelings of emptiness or lack of purpose, difficulty trusting others, and a lack of satisfying relationships. Feeling shame around having such a difficult and painful relationship with a parent can make it even more difficult to ask for the support you need.


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If your PARTNER is a narcissist...

Does your partner seem incapable of taking responsibility for his or her actions? Does your partner find a way of making everything about herself or himself? Do you feel "not good enough" when you are around your partner, even if he or she never says this to you explicitly? You may be at a point in your relationship where you are deciding whether to stay or go. Maybe you recently left your relationship and you need support finding yourself again. It's possible you ended things with a narcissistic partner a while ago, you are aware of your relationship patterns, and you want to make sure this never happens to you again. It is often the case that people with narcissistic partners grew up with one more more narcissistic parents.


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Anxiety Treatment

Grief Support

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Anxiety can look like avoiding certain people, places, activities, or circumstances because they trigger uncomfortable feelings. Maybe you have built an entire life around avoiding these things. You might be feeling exhausted by always needing to manage and control the people and circumstances around you. You probably don’t enjoy doing this and it might make you feel resentful. Yet it might feel impossible to stop. At a certain point anxiety can start to feel like a self-made prison. When anxiety arises, you make certain decisions to try and feel better. Those decisions lead to other uncomfortable feelings. You can sense you are always chasing a feeling of relief that never lasts, and it becomes exhausting. Without help, this can all begin to feel very overwhelming and pointless.

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The death of a loved one can be a devastating experience. The emotional intensity of loss can be all over the map, ranging from grief to rage to despair to relief and more. You might also experience the strangeness of having your day-to-day reality change so dramatically while the mundane details of life continue. There can be a sense of wondering, “When will things get back to normal?” or “Will I ever feel okay again?” If you aren’t getting the support you need isolation can creep in, which only makes things worse. Feeling like no one understands can become an added burden on top of the painful feelings you may already be experiencing. It can feel impossible to navigate a way forward while trying to cope with so many emotions.

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If I could share a few words that come to mind when working with Diana it would be:  kind, compassionate, open, heard.  I am grateful that over the course of numerous sessions with Diana I have been witnessed and heard.  I have gently been given awareness around areas that I was holding resistance or fear around.  Even with the long distance calls I felt a connection and an honoring of myself by Diana, that has helped me to heal on a deeper level of which I had not thought possible.  I would highly recommend Diana on your own inner healing journey.

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