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Romantic relationships hold the potential to be both the most rewarding and the most troubling relationships in life. Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons: wanting to start, wanting to end, a specific issue to work through, dynamics that have become untenable, or just wanting something more or better from the relationship. Couples counseling is an opportunity to explore the possibilities in your relationship.

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Getting ready for marriage, or any form of a long-term committed relationship, is a big step. In the early stages of a relationship, it is easy to overlook the small things that somehow feel like something isn't quite right. Premarital counseling is a structured approach to assessing chemistry, compatibility, and character among partners. It's also beneficial for learning skills for identifying, communicating, and addressing areas of conflict right from the start. 


Discernment counseling is a specific form of short-term therapy catered to married couples considering divorce. When one partner wants to save the marriage and the other partner is undecided about how to move forward, discernment counseling can help. Couples are guided and supported through the process of making a clear decision on how to move forward. 

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Sex Therapy

Sexuality is an important aspect of romantic relationships and is often one of the most uncomfortable topics for couples to talk about. Sex therapy can be used to explore any and all aspects of sexuality, including sexual identity, preferences, desires, worries, and fears. Couples who believe they are sexually incompatible can find creative solutions in the course of sex therapy. Desire can be re-kindled at any stage of a relationship when partners are willing to do the work. 

Trauma Therapy

Developmental trauma occurs during childhood, in the context of families, parents, and caregivers. This type of trauma, which often involves emotional neglect, has lasting impacts on a person's sense of self and their experience in relationships. It is absolutely possible to heal from developmental trauma, to develop a healthy sense of self, and to experience genuine connection and a sense of belonging with others. Trauma therapy can support you on your healing journey. 

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Grief Therapy

Grief is a natural and human response to loss. Death, sickness, aging, divorce, career changes, role transitions, and many other significant life events are accompanied by grief. Even welcome changes, such as a wanted pregnancy, a new job, or a new relationship after a divorce, can activate grief. New beginnings are often possible because something else ended. Grief therapy can support you through a significant life transition. Discover ways to cope with intense emotions and adjust to the new circumstances of your life.     

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If I could share a few words that come to mind when working with Diana it would be:  kind, compassionate, open, heard. I am grateful that over the course of numerous sessions with Diana I have been witnessed and heard. I have gently been given awareness around areas that I was holding resistance or fear around. Even with the long distance calls I felt a connection and an honoring of myself by Diana, that has helped me to heal on a deeper level of which I had not thought possible. I would highly recommend Diana on your own inner healing journey.

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Let's talk!

In your search for a coach or therapist in Denver, Colorado, chemistry is everything. You can schedule a free video consultation to see how it feels to talk with me and to ask any questions you may have. If you have particular concerns, I encourage you to bring them up when we meet! Please familiarize yourself with my pricing and logistics before scheduling.     

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