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The Art of Happiness

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

These are some things that make my life good right now:

- Spending my time the way I want to

- Feeling at peace inside myself

- Loving my dog Joey

- Pursuing my passion in life

- Being in good health

- Knowing that fear isn’t stopping me from doing anything

Other things are present in my life right now, too:

- Sadness and grief, with no obvious source

- Fear and anxiety, about everything I don’t know about my future

- Frustration and anger, I have some loud neighbors

- Insecurity, should I be doing more?

- Yearning, for spring and warm weather to get here fast

- Yearning, for things to somehow just be different than how they are

And there you have it.

The complicated messiness of a human being.

It’s ALL happening all the time.

The good stuff and the bad stuff.

Conflicting emotions

Thoughts that can’t be reconciled

Underneath all of this, I feel sane and at peace.

It’s because I have learned how to be the witness to my experience.

I used to get caught up and carried away by it all.

Now, I watch.

Watching helps me remember that my life is good.

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About the Author

Diana Calvo is a certified coach who helps people get unstuck and transform their day-to-day experience of work and life. After 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Diana experienced her own journey of healing and awakening. She discovered her true calling to guide others on their journey out of suffering and into a life of purpose and joy. Diana left the corporate world to start her own coaching business. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her dog Joey and a beautiful view of the mountains. She works with clients across the globe.

Click here to find out more about how to be happy again and my coaching services.

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