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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Being willing to be with myself, and what is currently happening, is a natural anti anxiety remedy.

This is no easy task, and it means prioritizing the long-run over the short-run.

As an example, we had a winter storm yesterday here in Colorado. The power went out in my apartment. There was no place to go and nothing to do. I was unexpectedly forced to be with myself.

Feelings of boredom, anxiety and panic came up for me. Being with myself in that moment meant feeling those feelings instead of distracting myself with TV, work or coffee, none of which were an option because of the power outage.

It's hard to be with yourself because as human beings we are hard wired to resist what is in front of us.

We resist pain, and in some cases we even resist pleasure when we aren't used to feeling good.

The practice of being with yourself, and allowing your present moment experience, is worth it, because it brings about inner peace.

A paradigm shift takes place. Before the practice, the normal state is anxiety, and there are moments of relief that come in through distraction. After the practice, the normal state is relief, and there are moments of anxiety as life happens.

I lived for so many years with a feeling deep down inside that I was ill-at-ease, like something just wasn't quite right. My anxiety felt like a knot in the pit of my stomach that didn't go away for years.

This practice, of being willing to be with myself, and to be with my present moment experience, has brought me inner peace, and a paradigm shift. The knot in my stomach is gone.

The beautiful thing is that the more a person is able to be with herself, the more opportunities there are for anxiety to dissipate naturally. It's an effortless byproduct of this practice.

The work isn't in figuring out how to stop anxiety from happening. The work is in being willing to be with anxiety when it shows up. When I stopped resisting my anxiety it went away naturally over time.

And the inconvenient truth is that nothing about this practice is easy. But I love living my life without that knot in my stomach. For me it is 100% worth it.

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About the Author

Diana Calvo is a coach who helps people get unstuck and transform their day-to-day experience of work and life. After 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Diana experienced her own journey of healing and awakening. She discovered her true calling to guide others on their journey out of suffering and into a life of purpose and joy. Diana left the corporate world to start her own coaching business. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her dog Joey and a beautiful view of the mountains. She works with clients across the globe.

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