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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: The Gentle Way

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

There is a special kind of quiet joy in changing your relationship to trauma. 

I grew up with narcissistic parents - a form of emotional abuse and trauma - that severely impacted my emotional and psychological well-being well into adulthood.

I've come to understand that these experiences will always be with me, and that there is no such thing as a full recovery.

And yet, after making the decision to commit myself fully to the recovery process, today I feel like a thriving survivor.

It's not that I am no longer impacted by growing up with narcissistic parents. But my relationship to this experience has changed significantly, and it continues to evolve.

Most recently I was on a 14-day meditation retreat that included long periods of silence. One day I noticed that the pain of my childhood wasn't the main story line coming up for me in meditation, silence, or contemplation.

Instead, my retreat experience was mostly the feeling of my heart opening. It was feeling the tenderness and vulnerability of my heart. It was knowing that an open heart is impacted by the suffering in the world and can ache in response. It was a momentary letting go of the desire to run from that ache.

It doesn't make logical sense, but there is a quiet joy in choosing to stay with that ache. There is connection, relationship, beauty and togetherness when I'm willing to let my heart be open.

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About the Author

Diana Calvo is a psychotherapist and coach who helps people get unstuck and transform their day-to-day experience of work and life. After 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Diana experienced her own journey of healing and awakening. She discovered her true calling to guide others on their journey out of suffering and into a life of purpose and joy. Diana left the corporate world to start her own coaching business. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her dog Joey and a beautiful view of the mountains. She works with clients across the globe.

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