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Live Your Best Life

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

If you are waiting for something to happen before you live your best life, I invite you to really consider how you would spend the rest of this year if it was your last year to be alive.

When you think about your life, if you don’t have peace in your heart, I believe you have two choices. One choice is to do nothing, and to make peace with your choice.

The other choice is to make some changes, and to take the first step now. You already know, in your heart, exactly what it is you need to do. You just might not like what you know.

If you don’t how to make it all happen, it’s okay. You don’t need to have it all figured out. If your intentions are true, sincere and genuine, life will show up and bring you everything you need. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Today, I can look you in the eyes and tell you with all sincerity I am living my life exactly the way I want to. I am doing what I would do if I wasn’t afraid. It doesn’t mean I’m exactly where I hope to be one day, or that I don’t aspire to anything more or different. But, given my circumstances right now, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. I couldn’t always say this about how I was living. It’s a new way to live. I feel proud of myself, content, at peace, excited for what is to come, on purpose, ALIVE.

Revisiting the certainty of my death, in detail, every year, keeps me motivated to live my life fully.

Right now, living life fully, looks like this for me:

  • Doing what I’m afraid of, every day

  • Leaving no stone unturned, investigating every trigger that disrupts my peace

  • Raising the roof on my upper limits to happiness

  • Feeling the pain in my heart in order to let it go

  • Pushing on the walls of the self-made box I live in, and adjusting every time my reality expands to something greater and more miraculous

  • Showing up to live my purpose

  • Letting everyone be exactly who they are

  • Resting when I need rest

We are all afraid of dying. Our society and culture enable keeping us afraid. Death isn’t something we talk about openly; we don’t have ritual to instruct us on what to do when death happens; we don’t know how to grieve. A lot of money is made selling the lie that we can somehow control the circumstances and timing of our death.

Facing the reality of my own death has been one of the biggest gifts I have ever given myself. It motivates me to live, and to live right now... not tonight, not tomorrow, not next year, and not when the perfect conditions are in place.

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About the Author

Diana Calvo is a certified coach who helps people get unstuck and transform their day-to-day experience of work and life. After 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Diana experienced her own journey of healing and awakening. She discovered her true calling to guide others on their journey out of suffering and into a life of purpose and joy. Diana left the corporate world to start her own coaching business. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her dog Joey and a beautiful view of the mountains. She works with clients across the globe.

Click here to find out more about how to be happy again and my coaching services.

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