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Coaching sessions take place in person (Boulder), 

over the phone, or via Zoom video call.

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My coaching is based on the premise that nothing is wrong; it’s only that some habits that aren’t particularly useful anymore have been developed.  The habits have to do with thinking, believing, feeling, responding, avoiding, seeking.  Through the examination of these habits, a person will naturally open up to doing what they don’t normally do, and this is how genuine change occurs over time. 

It’s not a sexy, glamorous, over-the-top, leave-everything-behind-and-get-a-new-life kind of change.  Rather, it’s a change in the experience of normal, mundane, everyday life.  This is a big deal when we are struggling to make it through day-to-day life.  It’s a change that is genuine and that lasts.  It’s a return to inner peace, and a sense of being comfortable in your own skin.  It’s a calm inside that runs steady and deep, as life continues to bring its ups and downs.

The coaching work I do is experiential rather than philosophical.  This means that time with clients is spent feeling into what is actually happening in the present moment, rather than just talking about it and analyzing it.  This is one of the key reasons my coaching can have more impact in a shorter amount of time compared to years of traditional talk therapy.