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Anxiety Treatment


Do you feel like anxiety is controlling your life?

•    Are you exhausted from worrying all the time?
•    Do you long for the ability to rest and relax? To experience a sense of peace and ease? To feel some relief?
•    Have you lived with unexplainable aches and pains in your body for so long that you have come to accept this as normal?
•    Do you oscillate between feeling anxious and feeling numb?
•    Do you daydream about some future scenario where you no longer have to worry?


Anxiety can look like avoiding certain people, places, activities, or circumstances because they trigger uncomfortable feelings. Maybe you have built an entire life around avoiding these things. You might be feeling exhausted by always needing to manage and control the people and circumstances around you. You probably don’t enjoy doing this and it might make you feel resentful. Yet it might feel impossible to stop. 


At a certain point anxiety can start to feel like a self-made prison. When anxiety arises, you make certain decisions to try and feel better. Those decisions lead to other uncomfortable feelings. You can sense you are always chasing a feeling of relief that never lasts, and it becomes exhausting. Without help, this can all begin to feel very overwhelming and pointless.


If you are seeking the best support for anxiety, it is likely that you are exhausted from worrying, tired of over-thinking, and resentful about being responsible all the time. You might be desperate for relief from these burdens. It is also possible that underneath it all you are terrified of what might happen if you started doing things differently. 

Most people are living life from a place of fear.    


There are many reasons for this.


Neurobiology has shown that the human brain has a negativity bias, meaning that we are predisposed to focus on negative events over positive ones. Additionally, the human brain is designed to constantly scan the environment for survival threats. This brain feature is a carry over from millions of years of evolution. In other words, we are biologically pre-disposed to being afraid.


From a sociocultural perspective, there is a lot of money to be made when people are afraid. The media knows this. Advertisers know this. As a result, we are constantly bombarded with messages that quietly promote our worst fears. These fears are often primitive and subconscious. Fears of not being good enough, not being loveable, not having a right to exist, not being able to stay alive. Fears that our neighbors are our enemies.


Psychologically, the ego function within the human psyche is also a source of fear. Deep within our own minds, there is a voice that encourages us to be afraid. The voice is so convincing that it takes intentional effort to recognize it and stop giving it control.


We also live in a society that tolerates an incredible amount of violence. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse happens frequently. People are persecuted, rejected, and ignored based on their social identities. These are real experiences happening to real people. Even if we don’t experience this directly, there is a collective impact on everyone that is real.


The good news is that sessions for anxiety can help you work through this complexity. You can understand how fear is operating in your own life. Anxiety treatment can create awareness. With awareness, there is the potential for a whole new set of choices about how to live.


Anxiety does not have to ruin your life.

Fear and anxiety are human emotions that are part of the experience of being alive. You won't be able to eliminate them entirely. But, you can change your relationship to anxiety and spend a much larger portion of your life feeling a sense of inner peace and comfortable in your own skin. For many people it looks like a paradigm shift. Before the shift, the normal state might be anxiety with moments of relief from time-to-time. The relief tends to come from temporary distractions like alcohol, drugs, food, coffee, shopping, etc. and the relief is never long lasting. After the shift, the normal state can look like relief (or inner peace) where anxiety is still experienced, but only from time-to-time, with less intensity, and with tools for defusing anxiety when it does arise.

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Anxiety treatment can help you significantly reduce your anxiety.

When you are ready to start working with your anxiety, a whole world of possibility opens up. Even though you might not be able to imagine a life that is largely free from anxiety, it is absolutely possible. I can support you through your explorations. I have worked with anxiety both personally and professionally. I have experienced it directly in my own life and I understand the theory and literature behind the psychology of anxiety. An anxiety therapist can help you transform your experience of anxiety into growth, healing, and personal development.

It is possible to make practical life choices that reduce anxiety. The challenge is that these choices often come with uncomfortable consequences. This can leave you feeling stuck choosing between two undesirable options: anxiety or something else that is just as uncomfortable or more so. In our sessions you will have the opportunity to thoroughly examine the role of anxiety in your life. We will look at where it comes from, how it serves you today, and how it is embedded in your habitual patterns and behaviors. This insight can support you in making different choices.

A key reason why anxiety is overwhelming is because we fear the discomfort and intensity of the anxiety itself. In our sessions, you will learn how to notice and observe your anxiety as it arises. We will explore practical steps you can take when you are feeling anxious. You will develop more confidence in your ability to relate to your anxiety without becoming overwhelmed.
So much of the suffering that is experienced around anxiety comes from shouldering the burden alone. Clients often feel ashamed that they struggle with anxiety and embarrassed that they just can’t get over it themselves. A therapist specializing in anxiety is an invaluable ally for turning your life around. Many clients report that over the course of treatment they realize that they always had the strength inside to overcome anxiety they just needed someone to point them in the right direction.

As a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Life Coach in Denver, Colorado I can support you with both practical and tangible steps towards recovery, as well as with uncovering more deeply rooted issues. My own personal work overcoming anxiety makes me ideally suited to help because I understand the painful nature of living with anxiety and I also know that it is possible to move through that and come out on the other side. If I was able to do this, you can too!

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How long is this going to take? I just want to get rid of my anxiety, not dwell on it.

The time required varies from person to person. Some people can’t live with anxiety for another minute and jump into the process fully committed. Other people need to take things slowly, to metabolize new information, and to titrate difficult feelings that come up. The good news is that you get to set the pace. Since every person is unique, there is no set timeframe that applies to everyone. Sessions are intentional and purposeful. Any exploration of your anxiety is explicitly intended to support you in moving beyond it. 

Even though my anxiety is uncomfortable, I’m really afraid of confronting it directly. 

Not wanting to look at your anxiety is very likely why you’re stuck in it. One of the benefits of anxiety treatment is that you don’t have to face your anxiety alone. In our sessions we’ll look at your anxiety together. Many clients in Denver, Colorado say that having another person’s support while exploring their anxiety is what gave them the extra courage they needed to face it, and ultimately overcome it. You already have the courage you need to work with your anxiety. You just need some help reconnecting with that courage.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to make my anxiety go away. I just don’t believe anything can help.

Trying to make things go away often makes them worse. When you aren’t willing to work with your anxiety you can get stuck trying to push it away. The only way out is through. In our sessions you can explore your anxiety in new ways that you haven’t tried already. You’ll be exposed to new ideas, insights, and perspectives that create the possibility for change. 

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Anxiety doesn't have to control your life.

With some support you can learn new skills for dealing with anxiety and take your life back. You don't have to figure this out on your own. I am located in Denver, Colorado and I see clients in person and via video conference. Use the link below to schedule a phone call where we can discuss your needs and how we might work together, or to schedule an appointment.