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Coaching sessions take place in person (Boulder), over the phone, or via Zoom video call.

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About Me

After earning my bachelor's degree in Economics from Barnard College at Columbia University, I set my sites on building a successful career in the financial services industry.

I worked in the industry for 20 years doing management consulting work with Fortune 100 companies.  

At the height of my career, when I had made it into the executive ranks, I started feeling depressed.  I had worked my entire life for this and it was no longer what I wanted.  

I made the very difficult decision to leave my career, take a sabbatical, and focus on pulling myself out of depression naturally, without the use of prescription medication.

In the absence of any conscious desire for a spiritual experience, during my sabbatical I ended up going through a radical phase of spiritual awakening.  I realized that I was carrying emotional trauma from my childhood in my physical body.  I came to understand that I had spent my life up until that point disembodied, meaning I was a brain on top of a body running around doing I don't know what.  I had been living my life emotionally numb - unable to feel emotions - as a way to avoid feeling the painful emotions from my childhood.


With help, I did the necessary inner work and experienced a profound level of healing.  I grieved the events of my childhood.  I taught myself to feel again.  I learned how to be the witness to my thoughts and emotions, as opposed to being completely overwhelmed by them.  I eventually experienced a paradigm shift and learned how to experience life from a place of deep inner peace.  Today when upsets occur, I have the tools I need to process them and return to peace.


I co-authored the Amazon international best selling book, "Expect Miracles," where I wrote about my experience of childhood trauma, how it played out in my life, and how I healed from it once and for all.

I studied intuitive coaching for 18 months under the guidance of Sue Dumais, founder of Heart Led Living, and became a certified coach in her coaching program.  In my work with Sue I learned the nature of the ego aspect of the human psyche, and I undertook a deep study of my own ego and how it operates.  I learned the philosophy that my life is my classroom, and I practiced how to investigate triggers in my daily life for the purpose of continuous healing for the rest of my life.


I also studied with the New York City Zen Center for Contemplative Care, where I participated in a 10 month Foundations in Contemplative Care Program.  Through this experience I exposed and addressed my own subconscious fears related to old age, sickness and death.  I received valuable training that furthered my understanding of the constantly changing nature of life, the death and rebirth aspects of life transitions, and the importance of grieving for the things we lose when things change, in order to make room for something new. 

I studied mindfulness at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

My coaching approach is deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophy.  For me, the Buddhist framework for understanding the human experience has been the most helpful one I have found so far for actually feeling better.

I am a gifted listener.  I am deeply present with my clients and I notice the details of their experience.  I believe that my clients already have a deep and profound wisdom within themselves, and my job is to reflect that wisdom back to them.  I teach clients the same tools and techniques that I practice in my daily life in order to spend the majority of my time feeling at peace inside, even as the ups and downs of life continue to play out.